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SairNico was founded in 1994 and has specialized in design and manufacture of marine switchboards, automation systems, engine room and bridge control consoles and other products for marine use.

By today, we have delivered switchboards for more than 3,000 vessels - 300 of these vessels are provided with SaierNico Integrated Automation System.

SaierNico is the leading supplier of Switchboards and Automation Systems in Chinese marine market for more than 10 years.

SaierNico has delivered equipment for many different vessels from small Trawlers to very big Bulk Carriers, Container Vessels, Anchor Handle Tug Support Vessels (AHTS), Chemical Tankers and Cruise Vessels.

In 2013, SaierNico started the strategic cooperation with ABB Marine & Offshore for delivery of switchboards and development of Propulsion Control System, Thruster Control System and Automation System.

To meet our customers¡¯ requests, SaierNico is developing new and better solutions for switchboards and automation systems integrating all systems in one Integrated System monitoring all other systems such as Propulsion System, Energy Saving System for Ventilation and Sea Water Pumps, Tank and Valve Controls, Ship Energy & Efficiency Management Plan and Alarm and Monitoring System.  The Integrated Automation System provides the Chief Engineer with an effortless operation and overview of the vessel¡¯s technical system.

During the last years SaierNico has taken the leadership of automation system for new buildings.

SaierNico is now ready to make the next step for Ship Intelligence Systems.

Our Ship Intelligence Systems receiving information from different system of the vessel and based of this information, manager your vessel to reduce life cost and optimize your vessel operations.

The Ship Intelligence System monitoring different kind of system on the vessel, as energy using onboard, and based on this information, providing optimization of the vessels energy.

The Ship Intelligence System will be constantly monitoring your equipment¡¯s system health and give you pre-warning, if some of the equipments need to be maintenance, before it will break-down. This ensure you reduce of cost maintenance.

The Ship Intelligence System is a Key technology for the future, which will help ship owners to reduce costs and energy consumption. SaierNico will develop our Ship Intelligence System as first priorities for the future.

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