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We believe, all what we are doing is good for human beings, good for society and active experience. We devote ourselves to our customers a vivid world views as well as realize our life Value. We are proud of this deeply! We like to devote all in our whole life.
1.Company Concept: Based on the people, serve the society
2.Quality policy: Surviving by quality, developing by quality
3.Quality aim: Pursuing perfect products
4.Enterprise Culture Standard:
Core Value : in pursuiting of the enterprise¡¯s growing with the staff together;
our trust: people who work and contribute for the enterprise with full heart and full spirit;
We encourage: learning , enterprising, respect fact, innovation;
We supply: a stage for every employee to realize his or her Value;
We stress£ºall actions follow the command£»
We believe£ºfirst class enterprise, excellent employee, perfect management, and outstanding achievement£»
We deeply believe£ºMarket is the only criterion to test our work successful or failure;
We are against for£ºspeaking without doing , or making mistakes once doing.

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