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Alarm and Monitoring System
  • Alarm and Monitoring System
Alarm and Monitoring System SAS/01

1. Characteristics of SAS/01

Based on advanced industrial control and computer network technology, SaierNico has cooperated with Eekels to lunch Alarm and Monitoring system SAS/01.The well-known Dutch company Eekels which has over 100 years history involves in quality supervision & control and global service support. The system can realize complete functions, simple operation,Safety and reliability, easy maintenance.
1.System hardware applies with the industrial PAC (Programmable Automa- tion Controller) and industrial PC without fan/hard disk. It is safety and easy to maintain. Moreover, it is great helpful to offer service and standard spare parts perennially.
2.The whole system can realize triple backup: two computer workstations are redundant hot backup for each other. Touch screen can work independently with computer system. The independent database networks are redundant which meet the system of higher reliability requirements.
3.Extension Alarm Panel can display all kinds of MIMIC, group alarm, watch calling, alarm list, etc.
4.Global service are supported by Eekels and SaierNico together.
5.This system complies with the rules of all the major classification societies, such as DNV, GL, BV, CCS, NK, LR, ABS, etc.

2.System main function

Alarm Handling Call Engineer(s) Power Management
Alarm Printing Engineer Duty Selection (DSS) Trending Chart
Group Pages Watch Responsibility System (if applicable) Illumination Control
Bridge Groups Exhaust Gas Monitoring VDR Interface
Cabin Groups Master Clock Pump and Valve Control
Output Relay Contacts Alarm Setting Info Cabin Door/Hatch Cover Control
Engineer Safety System Tank Sounding Cabin Unit (extension panel)
General Engineer Alarm Running Hour Counter  

3.System architecture

SAS/01 Alarm and Monitoring systems is composed by the following units:

  • Main computer workstations: MPC + HMI
  • Computer extensions workstations: PC+HMI
  • The MWOP bottom display alarm operation: touch screen
  • MCU (master control unit): standard PAC (programmable automation controller) + I/O modules
  • LCU (local units): standard PAC + I/O modules
  • The LCP extensions alarm display operating units: touch screen
  • ModBus RTU fieldbus network
  • ModBus TCP high-speed network based on industrial Ethernet
  • Alarm input and output

    The alarm inputs/outputs are carried out by standard I/O modules, the I/O modules including:
  • Digital input module
  • Digital output module
  • Analog input module
  • Analog output module
I/O hardware is completely modular design. By the universal backplanes expansion design, I/O modules constitute a collection node through 4 slot or 8 slot backplanes, each collection node can collect Max. 128 alarm channel, several nodes can form a big node through the parallel connection. Each colLection node with CPU processing unit, a high-speed network, in theory the number of system I/O alarm channels is infinite.
The system not only has the standard I/O modules, but also has the standard serial data interface to integrate with 3rd party applications, as main engine, generator group, switchboard, tank level measuring system, etc.
MCU main alarm unit with standard PAC
MCU is installed in the ER separate cabinet or ER control console, or directly mounted in the ER machinery spaces. MCU is connected to the computer through the dual-redundancy network.
The PAC and input/output modules are installed in the MCU main alarm unit.
LCU local alarm unit with standard PAC
LCU is mounted in engine room machinery spaces, connect to MCU through the dual redundancy network.
The input/output modules with PAC is installed in local alarm unit.


SAS/01 alarm system applies with the standard PAC (Programable Automation Controler) hardware and industrial PC computer without fan/hard disk which supports wide operating temperature.
  • PAC satisfies the requirements of the following standards:
  • Redundant power contains 230 Vac and 24 Vdc grounded or ungrounded system
  • All the PAC components in the engine room meet the ambient temperature from 0 to 70℃.
  • The devices in engine control room and cabins meet the ambient temperature from 0 to 55℃.
  • All the PCs meet the ambient temperature from 0 to 70℃.
  • Fulfill with the rules of main Classification societies.

5.Friendly man-machine interface

6.Qualification certificate

Automated ABS certificate Automated BV certificate Automated CCS certificate

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