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  • Energy Saving System for Sea Water Pump / Fans

SaierNico Energy Saving System (ESS) is designed by SaierNico.

For example Energy Saving System (ESS) can monitor the temperature of sea water(S.W), Low temperature(L.T) fresh water , the position of 3-way valve and the status of sea water Pump.

According to changing load of ship and changing temperature of sea water, Energy Saving System can automatically adjust the speed of central cooling sea water, the flow rate of sea water as well the number of running pump with inverter for frequency control, to greatly save the power consumption of pumps. So that it also effectively reduce ship power consumption and CO2 emissions to realize green shipping.

If ESS applied in your vessel, you will be in a good position of environment-friendly ship.

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  • SaierNico MV Marine Switchboard

    SaierNico MV Marine&

  • SaierNico Intelligent Switchboard

    SaierNico Intelligent

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    Other products

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    Intelligent Insulation

  • Energy Saving System for Sea Water Pump / Fans

    Energy Saving System

  • Equipment Health Management

    Equipment Health Man

  • Valve Control and Tank Level Measuring System

    Valve Control and

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