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MV Switchboard
  • SaierNico MV Marine Switchboard

Metal-clad withdrawable switchgear with full metal segregation

Vacuum type circuit breaker and contactors

Have reliable five preventioninterlock device and prevent from mal-operation and entering into live compartment effectively

The low voltage section is completely separated from the high voltage sections

Withdrawable part of the same design are mutually interchangeable, an exchange of VCB is very simple

Standardized functional units with or without transformers (generator incoming, transformer feeder, motor feeder, bus copper with synchronizing)

Standard compliance

IEC60298 Alternating-current metal-enclosed switchgear and control gear for rated voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 52kV

IEC60694 Common specification for High-enclosed switchgear and control gear standards

GB3906-2006 Alternating-current metal-enclosed switchgear and control gear for rated voltages above 3.6kV and up to and including 40.5kV

Major classification Societies (CCS, LR, DNV, GL, ABS, BV, RINA)

Outline dimensions

Rated current down to 1250A
800 / 650*mm
Rated current down to 1600A
Front maintenance
Double-face maintenance
*Suitable for VD4 being equipped.

Our Product

  • SaierNico MV Marine Switchboard

    SaierNico MV Marine&

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    SaierNico Intelligent

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    Valve Control and

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